How To Troubleshoot an HP Photosmart C5280

Updated February 21, 2017

The HP Photosmart C5280 is a higher-end printer in HP's family of all-in-one printers. It prints black and white documents, colour documents and photographs, scans and copies. If you are experiencing common problems with your HP Photosmart C5280, you can follow some troubleshooting steps to remedy these problems.

Make sure that your USB cord is properly connected from your printer to your PC if your printer is failing to print any documents. If the cord is properly connected, check to make sure that it is not damaged in any way.

Manually remove a paper jam using the rear access door. To do this, press the tab on the left-hand side of the rear access door. Then gently pull the paper out of the rollers and replace the door. Try printing again after you have removed the jam.

Manually remove a paper jam using the cartridge door. To do this, unplug the printer while the printer is still on. Open up the cartridge door by simply raising the door on top of your printer. Gently pull out any jammed paper from the rollers and close the cartridge door. Try printing again.

Perform a hard reset of the printer if you are experiencing a paper jam. To do this, turn off the printer, wait 60 seconds and turn the printer back on. Sometimes paper jams are "false jams," and a hard reset will fix the problem.

Make sure that paper is properly aligned if you are experiencing a skewed print job. To do this, make sure that the right side of the paper is flush with the right side of the printer feeder.

Perform a printer alignment by pressing the "Setup" button. Then press "Tools" and "Align printer." The unit will print a test page and will calibrate your HP Photosmart C5280.

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