How to Become a Spy-Kid

Updated July 20, 2017

The world is buzzing with underground activity. There are banks being robbed, governments becoming corrupted and lives always in harm's way. Sure, you can ask your mom or dad to save the world; but, they're too busy being grown ups. So, now it's up to you. Learn about the exciting ways you can become a Spy-Kid.

No spy could work in the field without the right set of gadgets. Flashlights and night vision goggles can really help you avoid being discovered by your enemies. Make sure to select tools that will be useful on all of your missions and try and get the most essential equipment first. A notebook and special disguises are easy to get and very important when you're out in the field. As you gain more team members and plan other missions, you can add more to your gadget collection.

What good are gadgets if you can't use them? You have to make sure that all of your tools are in excellent condition. That means you need to double check everything. For gadgets that require batteries, make sure you pick the right type of batteries and keep an extra pack handy in case you need them. You can also get eco-friendly rechargeable batteries.

Every good spy needs to be organised. Store all of your gadgets in a safe place. Putting them in their own drawer, or storing them in a box is best. Most of your new tools should come with storage ideas; so, read those and see what works for you.

Working alone makes you vulnerable. Working with other spies you trust can help you in completing missions. Pick your friends, but pick wisely. You don't want anyone who is going to give your information away.

Not only should you have a solid, tight-knit team, but you should also have people working for you out in the field. These people do not have to be spies; they share valuable information with you that may help your mission. Grown ups are usually reliable. But, again, you can't trust too many people with your secrets.

A team works best when each member is assigned a certain role within the group. You and your team should elect a leader to organise missions. You can also create roles based on the skills of each spy. For example, if someone in your group is really good at computers, then they can be your hacker, a spy who can read others' e-mails, find addresses, or maintain the gadgets.

Your map is probably going to be one of your most important tools. You'll need it to pick secret locations, find valuable information for your missions, or to escape from your enemies. Whether it's the backyard or the entire neighbourhood, you'll always be one step ahead of your enemies.

Everything starts at your secret headquarters. This private location will be where you and your team members meet to plan missions, store your gadgets and discuss information you've discovered. Pick a place where your mom or dad might not go to so often, like a closet or your own room. Ideally, using your bedroom is best, since it's big enough to hold meetings and store gadgets. Closets are great for hiding. If neither of these work, then bring your headquarters outside. You can use a tree house or a tent. But, remember, it's a secret. You can't bring anyone else that isn't a part of your team.

Make sure all locations you use in your missions are safe places. Do not wander into fields with hazard signs or abandoned areas where very few people are around. When you're not playing at home, you can use public areas like playgrounds or libraries for your missions.

OK, you've got your awesome collection of gadgets, a group of trustworthy spies and a secret headquarters. So, now what? You're going to do what all spies do best: Go on missions. Every mission needs to be completed with a result that's in your favour. You may need to find a way to steal a piece of cake from the fridge when no one is looking. Or you need to know once and for all if that old lady next door really is an alien. It's for the good of the planet. If this is your first time, then plan a mission that's short and not too risky. Work your way up. You can also run test missions and practice so when you're actually out in the field, you can guarantee nothing less than success.

Before any mission, you want to assign code names. They are a really good way of keeping your true identity hidden. You and all of your fellow spies should have code names that everyone can remember, including the people who use them. You can create a spy name based on what you already know, such as a favourite colour, or even your favourite animal. For example, I like the colour red and my favourite animal is a cheetah. Red Cheetah could be my code name. Of course, if everyone knows your favourite colour or animal, then it's easier for them to figure out who you are. Remember you and your team members should choose wisely.

Not only do you need to change your name, but the way you communicate to your team members has to be a secret, too. What if one of your spies are captured and they find a note that mentions your plans in detail? Then say goodbye to the spy world. Coming up with a new way to write down messages is the perfect for keeping your mission a secret. There are plenty of ways to encrypt your messages. You can use numbers instead, or substitute symbols for letters. Make sure to practice your new code language so that everyone can remember to use it. And make sure no one else uses it in their normal life – the code is for spies only.


Try not to use gadgets that you would need a lot of help with. Simple items like flashlights and small walkie-talkies are really easy to use. Always make sure that you're in disguise during a mission. You don't want anyone you know to see you. You can use items like a pair of sunglasses, a large hat, or a wig to turn you into a different person. Make sure everyone in the team knows what they're going to do during the mission. If one person makes a mistake or forgets, then the mission will take longer to complete, or you might get captured. You should always meet with your team after each mission to exchange notes. Were you successful? Make your parents spies every once in a while. They're almost always good at keeping secrets. And, they can help you if something goes wrong.


If someone get hurts while you're a spy, then you need to get a grown up right away and tell them exactly what happened.

Things You'll Need

  • Awesome spy team of 2 to 3 kids
  • A notebook
  • Map of your neighbourhood or town
  • Flashlight
  • Secret headquarters
  • Special gadgets
  • A set of disguises
  • Normal clothes (So you don't look too much like a spy)
  • Secret code or gestures
  • Code names
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