How to Groom Cockapoos

Updated March 23, 2017

Cockapoos are increasingly popular "designer dogs" that are a cross between a poodle and a cocker spaniel. They're clever, affectionate dogs that are good pets in homes with children, and their low-shed, low-dander fur is less irritating for people with allergies. Cockapoos' fur grows constantly so they need regular haircuts, and they need weekly brushing at home to keep their fur clean, shiny, and free of mats.

Take your cockapoo for its first haircut when it's 3-4 months old to get the dog used to grooming when it's young. Make sure your groomer is experienced and comfortable working with puppies.

Decide how you want your cockapoo's hair cut, and discuss it with your groomer in advance. There is no "official" cockapoo cut, so a groomer may cut a cockapoo to look like a poodle, cocker spaniel, or bichon frise. In general, cockapoos should have 1-inch long hair on their bodies (not shaven), with slightly longer hair on the legs. The leg hair should be cut with scissors.

Trim and neaten around the edges of a cockapoo's ears, but leave the ear hair long enough so the dog's natural waves show.

Clean and trim the cockapoo's face and beard. The hair over the eyes should be cut short, and the beard and moustache left long. The length of the face hair depends on the owner's preference and the shape of the dog's face, but it's usually around two inches long.

Have your cockapoo's hair cut every two or three months.

Brush your cockapoo at least once a week. Get the dog used to brushing while it's young. Take care to remove any developing mats in the dog's fur, and use this time to check for fleas and ticks.

Bathe cockapoos at least once a month with a gentle shampoo. Clean the insides of the ears by rubbing a few drops of shampoo around the ear canal and rinsing with warm water and an ear syringe. Cockapoo's long ears make them prone to ear infections, ear mites, and dirt and wax build-up.

Trim any long hair around the ear canal with small fingernail scissors, holding the scissors with the point parallel to the ear. Snip the hair carefully and brush it out with your fingertips.

Wipe the cockapoo's face with a soft, damp cloth after she's eaten, and wipe any moisture from the dog's eyes. This will prevent the cockapoo's fur from getting stained by food or tears.

Things You'll Need

  • Brush
  • Gentle shampoo
  • Ear syringe
  • Small fingernail scissors
  • Soft cloth
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