How to Fix a Philips CD Changer

Written by stephen lilley | 13/05/2017
How to Fix a Philips CD Changer

For those people who listen to a lot of music in the car but don't want to have to change from one CD to another while driving, a Philips CD changer is an invaluable purchase. Designed to hold multiple CDs (the exact quantity depends on the model), a changer will go from one disc to the other without the user having to do anything. If you're having problems with your device, a lot of problems can be easily fixed.

Reset the unit. If you're having problems with your Philips CD changer, a majority of the time all problems can be fixed by simply clearing the unit's memory and resetting it. You can do this by unplugging the power cable from the back of the changer for thirty seconds before plugging it back in.

Clean the Philips CD changer's laser lens. Because Philips brand CD changers tend to be units designed to sit on the floor of your car near the centre console, they have a tendency to get dirtier faster than models that plug into your dashboard. If the laser lens is covered in dirt or dust, it will prevent the changer from being able to read the data on the CDs. Use a CD Laser Lens cleaning kit (can be purchased at any electronics retailer) to clean the laser and try to play a CD again.

Check the data cable. The data cable runs from the back of your CD changer and into the back of your stereo. Any problems you may be experiencing with your Philips CD changer could be the result of a faulty data cable. You could take it to an electronics repair shop and have it professionally checked, but it may be easier and cheaper to simply purchase a new one.


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