How to Wire Under-Cabinet Lighting

Updated July 18, 2017

Under-cabinet lighting is easy to install and adds value and functionality to your kitchen. Under-cabinet lighting comes in a variety of options and styles. Among them are halogen lighting, which provides a warm glow, and LED lighting, which has more of a cool white feel. Both provide bright lighting that will enable you to see and use your workspace like never before.

Determine where you want the cabinet lighting.

Prepare the halogen lights to be mounted by removing the bases from the lamps. Once the bases are removed, you will see screw holes in the mounting plates.

Place the mounting plate in your chosen location for the lighting. Using the screw driver, secure the mounting plate to the underside of the cabinet.

Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for the number of lights that you have.

Find a mounting place for the transformer box, which will transfer power to all the lights.

Secure the transformer to the underside of the cabinet.

Locate the ends of the wires for all of the lights and insert them into the proper location on the transformer.

Using the plastic wire clips, secure the wires to the underside of the cabinet. Ensure that you cannot see the wires from a distance. You may also want to use zip-ties to bunch up loose wires.

Find an available electrical socket and plug your new lights in. Also find a suitable place to locate the switch and secure it.


Ikea provides one of the easiest and fastest kits to install.


Try not to puncture the wires when installing the plastic wire clips.

Things You'll Need

  • Under-cabinet halogen lighting kit
  • Small 1/2" screws
  • Screw driver
  • Wire clips (sometimes provided with kit)
  • Available plug
  • Zip-ties
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