How to Connect a Cable to Other TVs Without a Splitter

Updated February 21, 2017

If you are like many people, you have more than one TV in the house, but you just have one cable or satellite receiver box. You may want to hook up another TV to the signal, but you do not have or want to use a splitter. Learn how to connect a cable to other TVs without a splitter and watch TV on more than one TV at the same time.

Attach the cable bringing the signal into the house to the back of the receiver. This cable will go to the cable input on the receiver.

Run the jumper coaxial cable from the output of the receiver to the TV input. This will give you a picture and the ability to move through the available channels.

Place a coaxial cable on the TV's output and run it to the second TV's input. Now you will have the same channel on the second TV that is playing on the main TV.

Turn on the receiver and both TVs to make sure the picture is correct. If you would need to hook up another TV, you would run a coaxial cable from the output of the second TV to the input of a third TV.


If you have satellite TV, such as Direc TV or Dish TV, you will have to watch the same channel on all TVs hooked up to the one receiver this way. The only way to view a different channel is with more receiver boxes.


If you want to have more than one channel to watch on all TVs, you will need extra receivers.

Things You'll Need

  • Coaxial cable
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