How to Install Bluetooth on a Sony Ericsson W200i

The Sony Ericsson W200i is one of the most popular models from the Walkman line of cell phones. Since the Sony Ericsson W200i isn't Bluetooth-enabled, you'll have to take some extra steps to connect a Bluetooth device to the mobile phone. Newer versions of the Sony Ericsson Walkman line have built-in Bluetooth, which makes connectivity easier.

Find Bluetooth software online for the Sony Ericsson W200i. Since the software is not included with the cell phone, you'll have to download it onto your PC first.

Sync the application onto your Sony Ericsson W200i. You can save the file and transfer it through the SD card slot included with the Sony Ericsson W200i. Open the file on your phone to install the executable software.

Turn on your Bluetooth device. It should be operating in order to allow the application to locate within range. The indicator lights will let you know the connection status.

Open the Bluetooth application on your Sony Ericsson W200i. It will track the device in range and give you connection options. Once connected, the Bluetooth headset will start to operate as the phone and headset communicate with each other.


Remember to check the credibility of the software that you download onto your PC. Although the Sony Ericsson W200i does not come Bluetooth-enabled, it does come with other technologies that allow it to connect to Sony hands-free sets.

Things You'll Need

  • SD card reader
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