How to Disable a Seat Belt Sensor Alarm

Updated March 23, 2017

Most vehicle manufacturers install a warning system in their cars and trucks to remind the driver and passengers to fasten their seat belts. The system is usually twofold, using a flashing dashboard light and a chime or bell sound that repeats at certain time intervals. While it is imperative for your own safety to keep on your seat belt while driving, sometimes you are parked with just the ignition on while waiting outside a home or store. In these cases, instead of having to listen to the seat belt sensor alarm go off repeatedly, you can disable the feature to provide peace and quiet.

Figure out whether your car has an alarm that goes off when the occupants do not put on their seat belts. Without fastening your safety belt, turn on the ignition and wait a few minutes to listen for a chime accompanied by a dashboard light depicting a person with a seat belt. If both the alarm and light are present, your vehicle is equipped with a seat belt sensor alarm.

Locate the driver's manual for the particular car in which you want to disable the seat belt sensor alarm. Most people keep their manual in the glove box, where it is easily accessible. Purchase a driver's manual for the car if you cannot find the one that came with the vehicle. Call the manufacturer or buy one online for the correct year and model. You can also search the Internet for instructions.

Follow the correct sequence of steps to shut off the alarm. Most of the time, it will involve a combination of turning the car's ignition on, buckling and unbuckling the seat belt a number of times and waiting for the dashboard seat belt light to flash and shut off. The process must be repeated from the passenger seat to also disable the alarm on that side.

Test whether the process worked. Sit in the car, turn on the engine and wait a few minutes to see if the sensor alarm goes off when you do not put on your seat belt.


It is always safest to operate a vehicle with your seat belt on.


Do not drive without fastening your seat belt.

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