How to Feed Yorkshire Terrier Puppies

Updated April 17, 2017

Yorkshire terrier puppies, like all small dog breeds, require a little extra care when it comes to their diet and nutrition. Not only do Yorkies require a premium dog food as they are developing, but it is essential that they are fed multiple times a day to prevent hypoglycaemia. Small-sized kibble and a feeding routine are also important when feeding your Yorkshire terrier puppy. With healthy food and a consistent routine, you can ensure that your Yorkie puppy will grow up to be a fine companion.

Feed a puppy food that your breeder recommends when you first bring your Yorkshire terrier puppy home. If you decide to change your puppy's food, recommends that you gradually mix in the new food with the old over a week-long period.

Consider cooking homemade meals for your puppy or commit to buying premium kibble designed specifically for small breeds of puppies. Homemade dog food has many health benefits since there are no preservatives and b-products. Nevertheless, a premium puppy food such as Wysong is a very healthy choice. Follow the instructions on the bag for feeding amounts.

Feed your Yorkie puppy three to four times a day when they are very young. Frequent feedings will help prevent hypoglycaemia. As they mature, decrease their feedings to two to three times a day.

Observe your puppy for signs of hypoglycaemia, a common problem among small dog breeds, particularly when they are under 12 weeks of age. Signs of hypoglycaemia include a lower energy level, a wobbly gait and shivering. Rub a little Nutri-cal or Karo syrup on your puppy's gums and call your veterinarian immediately.

Follow a routine when feeding your puppy. Since dogs thrive on a consistent daily routine, feed your puppy around the same time every day and in the same area.

Feed your Yorkie puppy small, healthy snacks between meals. recommends feeding your Yorkie puppy Honeynut Cheerios, while suggests feeding diced vegetables such as carrots, squash and green beans.

Add a little warm water or wet food to your Yorkshire puppy's kibble if he is finicky.


Always leave fresh water out for your puppy. Change to adult food at one to two years of age.


Learn about toxic foods for dogs such as mushrooms, chocolate, garlic and grapes. Always avoid these foods for your Yorkshire terrier puppy.

Things You'll Need

  • Premium puppy food or homemade puppy food
  • Dog bowl
  • Puppy snacks
  • Karo syrup
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