How to Find Divorce Records Online

Updated February 21, 2017

Finding divorce records online is as easy as finding a phone number, address, and most any other information about a person that is part of a public record. This information has been made public by most state and local government facilities that must keep divorce records on file. Thanks to Internet search sites, these state records have been made available for the general public to see without having to visit a county courthouse and sift through paperwork.

Gather the information that you do know. This may include the names of either party in the divorce, the state where the divorce took place, or the divorce date. The more information you have on hand will make locating the specific information you are looking for much easier to find.

Locate a reputable website that compiles data for all 50 states. is a website that provides personal record documents for public use.

Provide the information requested by the site, including the information about the divorce which you already know. Follow the steps as directed by the information site you have selected.

Find out if your state has made these types of personal records available via a public website. Many states do not, but will accept information requests submitted via e-mail.


It is important to keep in mind through the course of your online search that these sites are not always 100 per cent accurate. They collect data from many sources, including government agencies, banks and even private sources, many of which do not get regularly updated. A reputable website should be able to provide you with information that is at least 95 per cent accurate.


There are many scam public information sites out there. Be sure to do your homework about the legitimacy of a site before beginning any public record or divorce search using a site. In particular, avoid getting ripped off by making sure to not provide any payment information without doing the proper research first.

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