How to draw a couture dress

Updated February 21, 2017

The word "couture" comes from France, and in the world of fashion, it translates to high-class, custom-made fashions. The key to drawing a couture dress is to first master drawing the dress form. After you draw the shape of the dress, it's time for the fun part of drawing. Design your dress specifically the way you want, adding texture, details, different lengths of fabric or embellishments.

Draw the bottom portion of the dress. This will help provide a balance for the rest of the drawing. It will be the portion that sits on the waist and goes above the knees. When drawn, it will resemble a bell shape with no top.

Draw the upper portion of the dress that will rise from the cinch of the waist (right above the skirt) to the shoulders. This resembles an upside down bell, connecting to the right side up bell on the bottom. So far, the dress will resemble an hourglass shape.

Create the neckline that goes from the shoulders up to the chin. If you wish to include a deep V-neck or a boat neckline, you can do this now.

Add length to the bottom of the couture dress as you desire. From the skirt you have already drawn, it can be long and flowing or tight and small. Couture dresses often have details such as feathers, beads, layers of different types of fabric texture, slits and ruffles.

Design the upper part of the dress. You can create the sleeves short, long or three-quarter length. It can be corseted, ruffled or sleek. The details on the couture dress all depend on the style of the dress you are designing.

Things You'll Need

  • Pencil with eraser
  • Paper
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