How to Keep Furniture From Slipping on a Hardwood Floor

There are many products that have been created to protect hardwood floors, while at the same time preventing the common problem of furniture sliding on the smooth surface of hardwood flooring. Before your hardwood flooring becomes scratched and damaged by sliding furniture, learn how to keep furniture from slipping on a hardwood floor. Choose the type of flooring protection that suits your needs and install it quickly and easily on the bottom of your furniture.

Purchase the small rubber disks that are designed to be placed between the bottom of furniture legs and the hardwood flooring. These disks are available both online and at hardware stores and home centres (see Resources). The benefit of these rubber disks is that they are easy to use and install because they are simply placed under the furniture.

Cut small circles from a shag carpet remnant with a craft knife. The circles should be just slightly larger than the size of the bottom of the furniture leg. Place the carpet remnant under the furniture with the shag carpet side facing down and the backing facing up to the furniture to prevent scratching the hardwood flooring.

Screw furniture sliders into the bottom of wooden furniture legs. This is an effective solution for wooden furniture that slides on hardwood flooring. The protectors can be screwed in at any angle necessary for the furniture leg and the hardwood flooring will be protected under the furniture and the furniture will stop slipping.


Use extreme care when using an craft knife and keep this tool out of reach of children and pets.

Things You'll Need

  • Furniture protectors
  • Shag carpeting
  • Craft knife
  • Furniture sliders
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