How to Remove a Battery From a PT Cruiser

Updated February 21, 2017

If you need to replace the battery in your Chrysler PT Cruiser or clean or charge the current one outside, you must remove the battery to do so. The battery is bolted in place within its tray and support bracket within the engine. You need to disconnect it from the engine first. You also must disconnect the PT Cruiser's air filter housing in order to lift the battery out of the engine.

Disconnect the housing cover on the air filter. Detach the intake duct from the cover by loosening its clamp and remove the cover's retaining clips to remove the cover.

Remove the battery cables from their battery posts by loosening the cable clamp nuts. Remove the negative cable first and place the cable end away so it won't come into contact with the battery post.

Remove the air filter housing. Lift the air filter element out of the housing, then pull the housing up and disengage its positioning pins from their grommets.

Take off the bolt holding down the battery with a wrench - this bolt is located on the front side of the battery. Keep in mind that the batter weighs about 13.6 Kilogram as you remove it.

Pull out the battery tray after removing the battery. Pry loose the pop fastener attaching the tray to the positive battery cable guide and remove the four bolts securing the tray. You can now see the support bracket that was underneath the tray.

Inspect the support bracket for any corrosion. If there is any, remove the bracket by removing its bolts on each side. Clean the bracket with a mix of water and baking soda, then flush the area with clean water and dry it completely before reinstalling it.


You can't accurately test a battery unless it is nearly or fully charged.

Things You'll Need

  • Wrench
  • Screwdriver
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