How to Change the Battery on a Honda Shadow Motorcycle

All motorcycle batteries become less reliable after extended use and wear and tear. The last thing a rider needs is a dead battery on a trip. Follow these steps to installing a new battery in a Honda Shadow motorcycle, and be back on the road in no time.

Place the motorcycle's key in the seat lock, hold the key in the unlock position, and lift the seat up. Then remove the seat from the motorcycle, and set it aside.

Locate the battery cover just behind the gas tank in the seat area. Remove the cover by sliding it out of its housing.

Use a Phillips screwdriver to loosen the clamps securing the connections to both posts on the battery. Slide the clamps up and off the posts.

Remove the rubber brace holding the battery in place by pulling it off its mounting posts.

Pull the old battery out of the housing, and slide a new battery into the housing.

Replace the rubber brace. Then, slide the attaching clamps back onto the battery posts, making sure to match the positive and negative clamps with their corresponding posts.

Slide the battery cover into place, and set the seat back over the open area. Secure the seat by sliding it forward until it clicks into place.


Spending a little more money on a better battery can be a very wise move. They last longer, charge better and are more reliable.


Always use caution when working around possible live electrical ends.

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