How to program a keyless remote for a Hyundai Santa Fe

Updated February 21, 2017

Programming a keyless remote for a Hyundai Santa Fe is a process that might cost you around £20 at a dealership or a garage. To save your money and complete the programming yourself within seconds, follow these simple steps.

Insert your key into your car's ignition and turn it two clicks to the right, onto the "On" position (or one click short of turning the ignition on).

Set the switch on your remote from "Off" to "Set."

Press the lock button on your keyless remote and hold it until your car emits a small beep.

Turn your key back to the "Off" position and press and hold the lock button on your remote one more time.

Replace the switch on your remote from "Set" to "Off" again, remove your key from the ignition and test your remote to see if the programming has worked.

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