How to make fondant calla lilies

Updated March 23, 2017

Calla lilies are some of the most simple flowers to create out of fondant. You can make them any colour you want and, with the right flavour, fondant calla lilies can be the tastiest of flowers. Adding these sweet and edible flowers as decorations can only make your cakes more beautiful, no matter what size or shape. With just a little practice, you can soon be making calla lilies that look so professional, your family and friend will think you went to a bakery.

Purchase some ready-to-use fondant or make and use homemade fondant. The purchased fondant may not be as sweet as homemade fondant.

Cover a flat surface, such as a cutting board or counter top, with a light coat of shortening or a light layer of powdered sugar. Shape the fondant into a ball, and then start kneading until it becomes flexible.

Pull the ball of fondant into two pieces, with one smaller than the other. Knead both pieces of fondant back into balls. Press your thumb into the smaller ball and make an indention.

Put on a pair of gloves so the food colouring doesn't get your hands dirty. Dip a tooth pick into the yellow food colouring and wipe it in the indented spot. Use gel or powder food colouring instead of liquid, as it can cause the fondant to become a little wet.

Knead the fondant until the colour is evenly mixed in an all over uniform. Add as much yellow food colouring as you need to get the shade you want.

Dust the rolling pin lightly with powdered sugar and roll the white fondant ball until it's about ¼ inch thick. Take a heart-shaped cookie cutter, and cut out as many hearts as you want. Roll the cut out fondant until it's about 2 or 3 inches wider.

Take one side of the big end of the heart, and apply a small amount of royal icing to it. Next, take the other side and overlap the first one, like making a cone, and press gently but firmly to secure. Shape and curl the sides back, being careful not to tear the fondant and then give the tip a slight twist.

Make the centre of the flower, or stamen, by rolling a ¼ inch thick rope from the yellow fondant. Next, cut the ropes into small sections and smooth one end of each section into a point.

Place the calla lily on an upside down paper cone. You can either make paper cones yourself or buy the small cone water cups. Once the lilies are dry, place one centre in each flower you make and secure to the inside of the flower with royal icing to finish your fondant calla lilies.

Things You'll Need

  • Fondant
  • Food colouring
  • Tooth picks
  • Rolling pin
  • Cookie cutter
  • Royal icing
  • Paper cones
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