How to Remove a Ford Car Radio

Updated February 21, 2017

If your own a Ford vehicle and want to upgrade the stereo with a new radio, you'll need to remove the existing factory radio first. This allows you the space to mount the new radio and the access to the car's wiring. Removing the existing Ford car radio is the essential first step you must undertake.

Turn on the radio and eject any media you have in the car stereo, such as cassettes or CDs. Then turn off the power to the car at the ignition.

Place your DIN tools in the openings on the front of the car radio and push them in until there is a distinct "click."

Push the DIN tools outward slightly and pull the radio towards you. The radio will slide out of the dash.

When the radio clears the dashboard, unplug the connectors on the back and completely remove the radio from the dashboard.

Things You'll Need

  • DIN tools
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