How to install bidet plumbing

Updated April 17, 2017

A bidet is a toilet that uses jets of water to wash your bottom, and is known to be a cleaner form of washing than using toilet paper. There are two types of bidets: a stand alone bowl and a spray hose. The spray hose is the easiest and most convenient to install. It also allows you to choose the areas you want to wash in a comfortable manner.

Buy a spray hose bidet from any home appliance store that specialises in bathroom products. Bidets come in different colours and length. Choose the hoses that are over 3 feet long. This will ensure your arms will be comfortable when using it on yourself.

Read the instructions that came with the bidet. Make sure all the washers, tubes and connectors will fit the toilet that you have.

Shut off the water valve that controls the water going into the toilet. This switch should be located beneath the toilet's tank. Then drain the tank of the water by flushing the toilet. If the valve is shut off, water will not refill the tank.

Attach T-Connector between the toilet tank and the hose connecting to the shut off valve. Then insert the bidet hose into the T-Connector.

Drill the nails for the bidet-holder to the base of the toilet tank with an electric drill. If you don't have a drill, you can use double-sided Velcro, which will easily stick to any non-porous surface, and save you some wear and tear. Once done, latch the bidet-holder onto the nails.

Turn on the toilet valve after you connect your bidet plumbing. Start spraying, and check for any hose leaks. If everything is finished, you now have an easier way to clean yourself.

Things You'll Need

  • Rags
  • Wrench
  • T-Connector
  • Double-Sided Velcro
  • Drill
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