How to Cut Girls' Hair With Clippers

In difficult economic times, it's important to cut back expenses where you can. Some areas of life you can cut back are dining, travel and entertainment. Another cutback choice is to cut your children's hair instead of taking them to a beauty salon. When cutting a girl's hair, you'll want to take these steps into consideration.

Prepare the area where you'll cut hair. If the weather is nice outside, you can cut hair on the lawn; this won't require much cleanup because the hair clippings falls right on the grass. Place a chair and have the girl take a seat. Cut a hole at the top of a plastic bag, such as a clean garbage bag, and put it around the girl; this is to allow the cut hair to slide down the plastic and onto the ground.

Cut hair while it's wet. Consider the texture of the hair before cutting. If the girl's hair is wavy or curly and you cut it while wet, it will bounce up when dry and appear shorter than it was when you cut it. Cutting hair while wet is preferable for curly or straight hair, because this gives you more control over the hair while cutting.

Decide how you want to shape the back of the hair. If the back is to be cut straight, you'll want to be careful to keep a straight line with your clippers. Using your first cut piece as a guide is a good rule of thumb. You can line up additional pieces to each newly cut strands to keep the line straight. If the back is to be tapered up on the sides, giving a rounded-off effect, you'll want to cut the sides so that they are gradually a bit shorter.

Create fringe, if desired. The thicker the fringe means the farther back on the scalp you need to draw the line for fringe. Once you have determined this line, cut the fringe the same way you did the back. However, there is a slight difference with the fringe. Either the fringe will be straight or tapered off to bend slightly down. To have them tapered down, use the clippers and gradually trim the fringe so that the sides are longer than the centre.

Add layers. For a layered look, take a strand of hair and comb it straight up. Cut the desired inches off this strand and allow the hair to fall back in place. Take another layer along with part of the recently cut strand and comb it straight up. Measuring it up to this newly cut strand, make the same measured cut with the clippers on this new section. Continue this method for the entire head of hair. This will create layers in the girl's hair.


It is helpful using hairclips to hold hair out of the way while cutting other pieces.

Things You'll Need

  • Clippers
  • Comb
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