How to Do a 27-Piece With Quick Weave Ponytail

Updated April 17, 2017

A 27-piece quick weave ponytail is a prepackaged hair product comprised of hair on tracks or wefts, in at least three to four different lengths, ranging from about 1 to 6 inches. The length of hair in a 27-piece package depends on the brand or manufacturer of hair. Some stylists use glue to attach approximately 27 pieces of hair or hair wefts directly to the hair. Other stylists use hair strips and/or wig caps to protect the hair from bonding glue.

Gel the entire head of hair, and use a comb to place a ponytail on the right side of the head. Wrap the hair of the ponytail around the rubber band, if it is long enough. Otherwise, place small black rubber bands around the bottom up to the top of the ponytail. The ponytail should be in a knob or stub shape. Once you increase your skill in applying a 27-piece quick weave ponytail, gel a ponytail in another desired location --- top, left side or centre of the back of the head.

Spray hair spritz and wrap stretchable, black hair strips around the circumference of the head in a clockwise motion. This is done to protect the hair from the weaving or bonding glue. Blow dry the hair. Then apply a wig stocking cap to cover the entire head. This procedure is also done to protect the hair from the weaving or bonding glue.

Remove the 27-piece from its package. Arrange the hair pieces or wefts on a table, and group short and long pieces of the same size. Starting with the shortest weft of the 27-piece quick weave, measure it at the edge of the hairline at the nape of the neck and cut it. Then, apply hair glue along the top weft and blow dry the weft in place with a hand held blow dryer. Continue to place rows of short wefts above this one until you reach the height of your left and right ear lobes.

Wrap the medium lengths of the 27-piece quick weave in a circular pattern around the entire head --- from the back to the front --- making about two to three rows. Then, focus on the right, front hairline. Glue at least four or five rows of the longer lengths of the 27-piece on this right side. The last row that you glue should be at least 1 to 2 inches from the ponytail formed in step one.

Apply 27-piece quick weave in a "C" or horseshoe shape --- from the left side of the head to the right side. This will close in the sides, so you should no longer see the stocking cap on the sides of your head. Cover the rest of the head by placing the 27-piece quick weave in a circular motion around the ponytail, covered by the stocking cap, and protruding from the top, right side of your head.

Wrap the straight length of weaving hair around the protruding ponytail. Hold the edge of the hair weft at the top of your ponytail and wrap the hair clockwise --- from top to bottom. Add hairpins to keep the ponytail in place as you wrap it. For example, use a hair clip after you wrap the ponytail around twice. Shape the style with scissors or hair clippers.


You can use wavy hair for the pony with your 27-piece style. Select hair with streaks of colour for a special effect or change your entire hair colour. Some individuals may want to glue a ponytail on. To do this wrap a black strip around your ponytail, then apply glue rather than hairpins.

Things You'll Need

  • Hair gel
  • Comb
  • Small black rubber bands
  • Black, stretchable hair strips
  • Hair spritz
  • Hand-held blow dryer
  • Hair clippers
  • Scissors
  • 27-piece quick weave package
  • Weaving hair (12 to 18 inches long)
  • Hair pins or hair clips
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