How to make jewelry rings

Updated February 21, 2017

Tired of store-bought rings? Then be creative and make your own. Whether you want to make a wire-wrap ring, a beaded ring, a spoon ring or even a fabric ring, you won't need much to get started. In fact, you can make a ring this afternoon and wear it tonight. Decide if you want a lasting piece of homemade jewellery or a novelty ring to wear just for an occasion.

Measure your ring finger. To do this, buy a ring mandrel or make one. A mandrel is a tapering cylinder that goes from narrow to wide. Somewhere along there is your ring size. To find out where, tape a strip of paper around your desired ring finger, making sure it is big enough to slide over your knuckle. Then you can slide it down the mandrel to find the right size and mark that point. Or try it on any hard cylinder you have that it is about the same thickness as your finger, such as a candle.

Use enough fine silver or copper wire to wrap around the mandrel four or five times. You should have enough wire left to do some creative wrapping.

Slide a bead onto the end piece of the wire.Then, using pliers, cross the wire over to the other side of the band that has been created by the five wire wraps. Center the bead on top of the ring. You can make this a tall loop, so it will arch above the band, then keep looping wire around the band.

Loop the end piece of the wire around the band in a simple design if you are not using a bead.

Shape the ring. Put it on the mandrel and smooth it out until it is a perfect circle, using the soft cover mallet, or a hammer with an end you have wrapped in leather or other durable smooth fabric.

Smooth the edges of the ring with the mallet so there are none protruding.

Consider other types of handmade jewellery rings. If you have a sterling silver spoon or fork, use the pliers to bend it from the end and wrap it around the mandrel so the decorative part is on top. By bending the bowl of the spoon back and forth, you can get it to snap off and then smooth the edges. If not, use a hacksaw, or consult your local beading or craft jewellery store for the proper tool to use.

Bead a ring with seed beads on elastic thread and wrap it around the mandrel four or five times. Then use the end piece of the thread to wrap the bands together, just as you would with wire in Step 4, then tie off the thread. There you have an instant beaded ring to wear as a novelty.


Be sure to smooth the edges of the wire ends, first with the mallet, then with a buffing cloth, so they will not snag anything.

Things You'll Need

  • Ring mandrel or hard cylinder
  • Soft-faced mallet or covered hammer
  • Pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • 18 gauge silver, copper or other wire, about 18 inches long
  • Assorted beads (optional)
  • Elastic thread (optional)
  • Sterling silver spoon or fork (optional)
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