How to Replace the Leather Band for a Longines Watch

Updated April 17, 2017

Longines is a Swiss watch owned by the Swatch Company. Longines watches with leather bands have classical attachments, meaning the bands are attached by spring pins. This is the most common type of watch band attachment. You can replace a Longines leather watch band with any style or brand of watch band as long as the size fits your Longines.

Remove the current Longines watch band. Place the watch face down on a soft cloth, so the crystal does not get damaged. Take the watch spring tool and put the forked end on the spring pin. The spring is what attaches the band to the watch. The spring is located between the case lug, which has the holes where the pin is inserted, and the leather band.

Compress the spring pin with the tool by pushing it in toward the band. Slightly push down at the same time, so the pin pops out. Repeat on the other half of the band.

Insert new pins into the new watch band by sliding the pins in the small top loop of the band where it will be attached to the watch case. Insert one pin in each half of the watch band. Make sure the ends of the spring bar protrude from both sides of the band.

Match the bands with the correct side of the watch case. The short half of the band should be attached to the lugs at the end with the "12" at the top of the watch face, and the longer half should be attached to the lugs at the end with the "6" at the bottom of the watch face. Remember, you should see the inside of the watch band when attaching it to the case, because the case is upside down.

Insert one end of the spring pin into its hole in the case lug. To insert the other end of the pin, use the watch spring tool to compress the pin and slide it into its hole. A similar action to what you performed in Step 1 to remove the watch band. Gently move the band around and listen for a "click" sound to ensure that the spring pin is in place.

Repeat Step 4 on the other half of the band to complete the process.


Be careful when changing a watch band. The case lugs and crystal can easily be scratched by the watch spring tool You do not need a special Longines watch pin. You can use any pin, just make sure the pins you buy are the correct size. The size depends on the style of your Longines watch. You can also use any brand of band. It does not need to be a Longines brand leather band. If the back of the watch case does not display the lug distance, you can find this information on the Longines website or from a local jeweller.

Things You'll Need

  • watch band
  • 2 spring pins
  • spring bar tool
  • soft cloth
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