How to Make a Platinum Ring Smaller

Updated April 17, 2017

To avoid accidental loss and ensure comfort during wear, it is important for a ring to fit properly. There are several options for resizing a platinum ring that is too large. Some solutions are temporary, while others are permanent. A custom fit for your ring can be created by a professional jeweller.

Use a fabric (not plastic) Band-Aid. Expose the sticky part of half the bandage, and place it inside the ring. Use cuticle scissors or another small cutting tool to trim away the excess fabric. This solution should last several weeks, even if the ring gets wet.

Purchase a plastic ring guard. This inexpensive piece can be placed inside the ring band to allow a tighter fit at the base of your finger, while still allowing the ring to slide easily over your knuckle.

Have the ring sized by a jeweller. This can be done by soldering sizing beads inside the band, compressing the ring with a mallet or cutting the ring and resoldering it. A professional jeweller can resize the ring seamlessly so that it appears that no work has been done.


If your ring is valuable or you plan to wear it regularly, the best option is to have it permanently resized by a jeweller. This may be done for free if you recently purchased the ring.


Permanently resizing rings with ornamentation or jewels on the band can be difficult. Ask your jeweller about the best options for your ring.

Things You'll Need

  • Fabric bandage
  • Cuticle scissors
  • Plastic ring guard
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