How To Purchase a Propane Tank

Propane tanks are large structures that are typically placed outside the home and deliver propane into the house through piping. You will likely have the option to either rent or buy a propane tank when deciding to use propane for your heating needs. In many areas, it is very common to buy a propane tank and not worry about the leasing costs.

Find a dealer that retails domestic propane tanks. Quality Steel Corporation has a selection of propane tanks for sale. You can look at the specifications and prices of each tank to help make your decision. (See Resources.)

Choose the type of propane tank you need for your home. Options include above-ground and underground propane tanks. You will also need to determine the size of your tank based on the size of your home and the number of rooms you need heated.

Look into what is included with the propane tank purchase. If you buy a propane tank, the company will likely price in the fittings, regulators and additional parts needed for the tank to be installed. You will need to refill the propane tank by using a propane supplier.

Determine if the propane tank provider will offer financing. Since propane tanks are expensive, you may want to find a propane tank vendor that gives customers the chance to finance the purchase.

Take out a warranty on the propane tank. Due to the expense, the warranty should cover parts, labour and the tank for a significant period of time. You should discuss this with the seller prior to buying the propane tank.


Propane tanks are also available for purchase in smaller form for use with gas grills. These propane tanks can be bought at most home improvement and retail locations.

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