How to Make a Patio Umbrella Stand

You can make your own patio umbrella stand quickly and inexpensively. It will be both attractive and more sturdy than many commercial stands that are available today. By using a flower pot to secure the umbrella, you can tie the stand into your outdoor landscaping. This stand is also heavy enough that it will hold an umbrella steady even when it is windy. It only takes a few minutes to make and is strong enough to last a lifetime.

Choose a flower pot that is at least 10 inches high and 12 inches across. Terra-cotta and other heavy-duty pots work better than plastic pots as they are already weighted and more durable. Metal pots also work well, but make sure they are meant for outdoor use or they will rust.

Tape over any drainage holes in the pot with duct tape. Place a layer of tape on both the inside and the outside of the pot over the hole.

Use a length of PVC pipe that is the same height as the flower pot and that is wide enough to slide your umbrella pole into. Tape one end of the pipe closed with duct tape.

Mix the quick-setting concrete in the bucket, following the manufacturer's instructions. Place the PVC pipe into the pot with the taped end resting against the bottom, making sure it is standing in the centre of the pot.

Have one person hold the PVC pipe in place as you pour the concrete into the pot. Fill the pot with concrete, leaving the top two inches of the pipe exposed. Release the pipe after five minutes then allow the concrete to cure for at least 24 hours. To use your umbrella stand, slide the umbrella pole into the PVC pipe.


Place decorative rocks or marbles on top of the concrete for an attractive display.


Check the PVC pipe throughout the drying time to make sure it does not shift. Pour concrete over a tarp or newspaper in case there is a spill.

Things You'll Need

  • Flower pot
  • Duct tape
  • Quick-setting concrete
  • PVC pipe
  • Bucket
  • Water
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