Easy to Make Science Toys for Kids

Written by tami hand
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Easy to Make Science Toys for Kids
The word science originates from the Latin word, scientia, which means knowledge. (science image by JMDZ from Fotolia.com)

Science is a diverse and potentially difficult subject to comprehend. Games and toys can sometimes make the learning process easier. There are many toys that can be made at home easily and quickly. These toys are usually light on the budget and can have kids engaged in fun for hours at a time. As these toys fill their hearts with fun, they can also have a lesson to teach about science and it’s affect on our daily lives.

Create A Comet

Comets are mysterious wonders of space. These balls of ice zoom through the air and create a stream of colourful light behind them. This is precisely the idea behind the comet toy. Its simple design can keep even the youngest kids playing for hours. Simply take a 6 inch styrofoam ball, and using a pencil, poke a small hole into the side. After placing a small dab of glue in the hole, take 6 strands of multicoloured ribbon, tied together at one end and place the knotted end into the glued hole. A small pin with a pearl type end can be pushed trough the ribbon towards the ball to secure it. Trim the ribbon at about 3 feet long. Then, take a seven by seven inch square of aluminium foil and cover the styrofoam ball to where the ribbon sticks out from the ball. The styrofoam ball is ready to be tossed around and zoom through the air like a real life comet in space.

CD Hovercraft Toy

Hovercrafts have been experimental for quite some time. Create a hovercraft with a few supplies from around the house. Simply take a blank CD and glue a spout from a water or juice bottle to the centre. Hot glue is most effective but tacky glue will work just as well. Make sure this is an airtight seal and that the spout is closed. Then, without tying it, blow up a large balloon and stretch the end over the spout so that the balloon touches the CD all the way around. While holding the balloon in place, the spout can be opened with the opposite hand. Release the balloon and a small pocket of air will be formed from the air being forced out of the balloon and through the spout. This high pressure of air will cause the CD to be propelled across the floor creating a hovercraft toy.

Colourful Bubbles

A fun way for kids to learn about colours, shapes and the mysteries of science is by creating coloured bubbles for playtime. Dissolve one cup of powdered laundry soap into a quart of warm water. Pour bubble mixture into small paper cups. Allow children to add a few drops of food colouring to each cup and stir with a straw. Give each child a straw or a small bubble wand to use to create bubbles. Enjoy playing and be sure to talk about the colours and shapes they make.

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