How to become a phone card distributor

As a phone card distributor, you can purchase phone cards directly and sell them to your customers. You can receive the phone cards at a discounted rate and then mark up the calling cards as a way to make a profit. You can choose to distribute the phone cards online or as part of your retail business.

Find a calling card company that has distributor programs.

Choose the type of phone cards that you want to offer your customers. For instance, if you have an international market, you will want to sell multiple types of international calling cards. Look for cards that have low calling rates that you can advertise.

Contact the calling card company about becoming a distributor. You will need to include your name, address, e-mail and the calling cards that you are interested in purchasing, and the monetary amount you are interested in selling.

Pay for the phone cards. As a distributor, you will be required to purchase the calling cards up front. Depending on the amount of phone cards you are buying, you will receive a 20 to 35 per cent discount on the price of the cards. Most companies will allow you to pay via bank transfer, check, money order and credit card.

Receive the cards. The calling card company will either send you physical cards to sell or the pin numbers for each card that you purchase. Sell them through an online store or physical location with the appropriate markup.

Return the phone cards that you do not sell. As part of the distribution program, you should be able to return unsold phone cards and receive a refund from the calling card company.

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