How to Wear a Pashmina With Brooch

Updated February 21, 2017

Soft, luxurious and fashionable, pashmina shawls, scarves and wraps have been popular on the fashion scene for the past decade. Pashmina accessories are made from a high-quality cashmere and come in a variety of styles, sizes, cuts and colours, enough to wear one with every outfit. You can spruce up your pashmina and secure it in place when you wear it with a brooch.

Prepare your pashmina. Lay your pashmina flat in front of you and arrange it accordingly. If it's a triangle, leave it fully open. If it's a longer, thicker scarf or shawl, you may want to fold it in half lengthwise so it doesn't hang down too far. Keep the front side of the pashmina facing outward and flatten the pashmina with your palms.

Drape your pashmina around your shoulders, keeping the front facing outward and the two ends hanging down on your chest.

Adjust the ends. Slightly pull one end forward and down, so it is one-third longer than the other. Leave the shorter end hanging down on your chest and drape the longer end across your chest and over the opposite shoulder.

Pin your brooch on the shoulder over which the longer end is draped, securing the pashmina in place. Make sure the pin back of the brooch goes through the top layer of the draped end and the bottom layer of the pashmina that sit directly on your shoulder.


You can wear your brooch on either shoulder, but you may want to pick the shoulder that does not support the weight of your purse or other bags you may be carrying. Pashmina shawls, wraps and scarves are available at speciality shops, boutiques and online (see Resources).


Make sure the brooch has a long enough pin back to fit through both layers of pashmina. You may also want to pick a thinner pinned brooch so it doesn't leave a gaping hole.

Things You'll Need

  • Pashmina shawl, wrap or scarf
  • Brooch
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