How to tighten loose tummy skin

Loose skin around the tummy can be caused by many different factors. After child birth, women often find that the skin around their belly is loose. People who have undergone extreme weight loss in a short period of time also often suffer from loose tummy skin. No matter the cause, there are several different ways to tighten loose tummy skin and show off your abs.

Start an exercise program. Focus on core strengthening exercises, like sit-ups, lunges and crunches. Cardio workouts that include running and biking can also tighten belly skin.

Adjust your diet. A low fat, high protein diet can help tighten your belly. Reduce the amount of sweets and carbs you consume on a regular basis. Make sure you drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water each day.

Try a tummy band. If you have loose skin around the belly after having a baby, use a postpartum support band to help tighten the stretchy skin.

Use an over-the-counter tummy tightening cream. These creams contain ingredients that help improve the skin's elasticity, which will help reduce the appearance of loose belly skin.

Consider cosmetic surgery. Discuss different procedures that get rid of loose belly skin with a plastic surgeon. Liposuction involves removing fat deposits beneath the skin with a medical vacuum. A tummy tuck will remove excess fat and skin from the abdomen.

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