How to make homemade pheromones

Updated April 17, 2017

Pheromones are chemicals that occur naturally in the body and work to create a 'smell' or odour that attracts the opposite sex.

Using the male pheromone androstenone and adding it to a small concentration of alcohol or candle with a soy base will create a natural pheromone that will help you control the "release" of the pheromone.

Celery naturally contains androsterone, and drinking a dehydrated form of celery juice or a lot of celery juice will help the body release more pheromones than normal. You could also take the stalk of the celery in a dehydrated form and apply as a powder.

Synthetic female pheromones are available in stores. Take a dash of the pheromones from the bottle and mix it with jasmine or lavender oil. Leave the combination for a week. Add some pure grain alcohol to create a perfume or cologne for yourself. Adding some spring water will allow it to be diluted.

Sweat is said to contain natural pheromones. When sweating, add a dab of alcohol or natural cologne with an oil base to bring out the smell of the sweat to increase its intensity without being offensive.

Synthetic human pheromones can be used to create custom, "natural" pheromones at home. All that is required is different essences as favoured by you, and male or female pheromones available at perfume stores. Blends of sandalwood, cedar with a base of lavender and evergreen and other such oils and essences can create a attractive pheromone fragrance.

Things You'll Need

  • different essences of oil
  • pure grain alcohol
  • atomiser
  • spring water
  • synthetic pheromone
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