How to open a pub file on a Mac

Updated February 21, 2017

PUB files are files with an extension of .pub. They are proprietary files that can be opened only in Microsoft Publisher. Because Microsoft Publisher is an application that can be installed only on Windows machines, you will have to use a workaround to open a PUB file on a Mac. If you own an Intel Mac with a Windows partition, you can install Microsoft Publisher on your Windows partition and view PUB files through Microsoft publisher. If you do not have an Intel Mac or do not want to purchase Microsoft Publisher, there is a website that will convert your PUB file to a PDF, which you can open on your Mac.

Point your Web browser to This is an online resource that will convert many different file formats to PDFs.

Click "Choose File" and select the PUB file you would like to convert and view. Your operating system's file manager open so you can find your file.

Type your output file name in the appropriate text box.

Type your e-mail address in the appropriate text box. Make sure you are using an e-mail client that allows for attached files.

Click "Convert to PDF" button located on the bottom of the screen. It should take only a few minutes for your file to arrive in your e-mail inbox.

Open your e-mail client and locate the e-mail from Doc2PDF Online.

Download the file from your e-mail client and open it with a PDF viewer. Your PUB file should be viewable as a PDF with all of the original file formatting.

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