How to Restring a Black & Decker Weed Eater

Updated February 21, 2017

Managing weeds in your lawn doesn't have to be time consuming, especially with the aid of a weed eater. However, when your weed eater runs out of line, you don't have to throw the weed eater away. You can restring the weed eater and continue using it.

Make sure your weed eater is not plugged into a power source.

Turn your weed eater over, exposing the hub underneath the shield guard. Take off the hub cover by pressing the release tabs and pulling the cover straight off. The hub cover is the protective cap over the spool.

Remove the spool. Remove any old line from the spool and throw the line away.

Insert the end of the new bulk line into the hole in the spool leaving about a 1/2-inch tail.

While keeping the end secure, pull the rest of the line through the slot in the spool to lock it in place.

Wind the bulk line onto the spool, being sure to follow the direction of the arrow. Be sure to wind the line tightly and evenly, stopping at the ridge markings.

Insert the end of the line through the eyelet in the spool hub, pulling the line tightly through it. Hold securely to the end of the line while placing the spool into the hub with the arrow facing up.

Gently press the spool into place, being careful to keep the line from being caught under the spool.

Replace the hub cover before use.


Observe the placement of the old spool before removing it to ensure proper placement of the new one. Clean out any debris before installing the new spool. Spool refills can be found where most Black & Decker products are sold or at any Black & Decker service centre.


Unplug an electric weed eater before attempting to restring it. Stop at the ridge marking inside the spool; don't overfill the spool line.

Things You'll Need

  • Refill bulk line/weed eater cord
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