How to replace the end of a coaxial cable

Updated July 20, 2017

Are you tired of waiting for the cable or satellite guy to some over and either install your coax cable or replace the end fittings? Most of the cable or satellite installers are independent contractors. They want to get the job done as quick as possible if you're not paying them for extra work. Replacing the end of a coax cable is very easy if you have the right tools.

Go the local hardware store and buy a pair of coax cable strippers, coax crimper and the silver end fitting, also called an "F" connector, that will plug into your cable or satellite receiver.

Cut the old end fitting off with wire cutters. You can take a look at the layers inside the cable so you know what you are dealing with.

Use your coax strippers and strip the outer cable sheath down to the white sheath that is covering the copper wire. The stripper will actually make two cuts: One blade will cut the pvc outer sheath, and one will cut that white sheath covering the copper wire.

Grab your new end fitting and place it over the stripped-down coax cable. Make sure that it will fit snug into the end fitting and the copper wire is not sticking out past the end fitting. If the copper wire is sticking out too far, just trim it down to size with a quick snip from your wire cutters.

Use your cable crimpers and crimp the bottom end of the end fitting. You are done!


Turn off your satellite or cable receiver before you connect the new cable fitting. Turn the receiver back on once you have connected the new cable.

Things You'll Need

  • Coax cable strippers
  • Coax cable crimpers
  • Wire cutters
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