How to replace a zipper pull

If you lose or break a zipper pull from a favourite jacket or coat, this can be easily remedied. Remove any components that remain from the old zipper pull and replace it with a new zipper pull. You can either purchase an interesting zipper pull to replace the old one or you can even get creative and make a new one. A new zipper pull can be made from a short piece of ribbon or cord, for example, but the possibilities are limitless. Learn how to replace a zipper pull and give your old zipper some new and improved zip.

Lift up the bottom of the small metal tab that holds the zipper pull with the pliers. This must be done with extreme care because this tab will not be able to withstand much stress without breaking. Only lift the tab up enough to enable you to slip out the remnants from the old zipper pull.

Slip the new zipper pull under the lifted tab and hold it in place while you prepare to bend the tab back into place.

Use the pliers to bend the tab back down to finish replacing the zipper pull.


If you break the metal tab while bending it, the entire slider part of the zipper will need to be replaced.

Things You'll Need

  • New zipper pull
  • Pliers
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