How to Clean Felt Fabric

Updated February 21, 2017

Felt is one of the oldest known fabrics. Available in many different shapes, sizes and colours, felt is used for everything from clothing to billiard tables. Many musical instruments use felt, such as accordions and timpani mallets. Felt is neither woven nor weaved, but instead compressed. While felt is a durable fabric, special care must be taken to prevent damaging it. Improper care of felt fabric can result in irreversible damage.

Run a sink or basin of lukewarm water.

Add a teaspoon of a mild detergent.

Wash the felt by placing it in the water and moving it around gently in the water. Pay particular attention to any stained areas and rub them with your fingers.

Gently compress the fabric to expel any excess water with your hands. Work your way over the entire piece of fabric until all the water is released.

Lay the felt flat to air dry.


Heat can destroy felt. Never put in the dryer or in hot water. Do not wring out or twist felt, as it may damage the fibres. Do not wash felt in the washing machine.

Things You'll Need

  • Mild detergent
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