How to anchor a floating dock

Updated February 21, 2017

Proper anchoring of your boat dock is very important. You don't want your dock floating away with an expensive boat tied to it. Proper anchoring will also enhance the stability of your dock when walking on it.

Prepare your anchor site by setting your post for the cables on the shore. The post should be set by digging the post hole, setting the post in the hole and pouring concrete around the base. Finish filling the hole with soil, tamping firmly. The post can be either wood or steel. Allow a few days for the post to set before tying the anchor cables to them.

Float the dock in the water to where it will be located. Attach the cables to the dock, using eye bolts mounted on the corners of the dock nearest the shore. Attach cables to the post on the shore by wrapping around the post and securing with cable lugs.

Attach a pipe bracket to the centre of each end of the dock. Drop the pipe through the bracket until it sits securely on the bottom of the lake or river. Pipes should extend high enough above the dock to allow for rising water. The pipes will keep the dock properly aligned with the shore.

The type of walkway, ladder or steps to get from the shore to your dock will depend on the steepness of the terrain you are dealing with.


Stainless-steel hardware is well worth the expense and will add to the lifespan of your dock. Galvanised hardware will eventually rust and could become unsafe.


Docks are very heavy; it's recommended that you have some help available when you're anchoring your dock.

Things You'll Need

  • Cables
  • Pipe collars
  • Pipes
  • Posts
  • Cable lugs
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