How to Clean Dirt Stains on Leather Sofa

Updated February 21, 2017

Leather is a delicate material that can stain, tear and smudge easily. To clean dirt stains on a leather sofa, you need to use the proper techniques. With children and pets, dirt is a common occurrence. Cleaning your couch weekly will prevent long-term damage and wear. Use a product safe for fine leathers; these can include sofas, boots or jackets. Leather CPR, Magic Leather Revival or Weiman Leather Wipes are available from some local stores as well as AlwaysBrilliant online retailer. Each of these products removes dirt stains from leather.

Use a soft material cloth, such as terry or a baby washcloth. Abrasive material can cause damage to the sofa. Even a regular washcloth could scruff the leather material.

Rub the soft cloth over the dirt stain. This will dust and lift away the non-stuck-on grime. Press down gently to remove as much as possible.

Determine the quantity of cleaner to use. This depends on the product that you purchase. Spray one squirt on the spot or use a dime-sized amount from a cream product. If the area is larger, use two squirts or a quarter-sized amount.

Spray, rub or wipe the dirt stains on the leather sofa. Use the baby washcloth or equivalent to clean the leather material. If you are using leather wipes, rub the area with three or four until the spot is clean. For a cream or spray product, allow it to sit on the dirt stain for about one minute. Then gently wipe away.


Read all instructions and warnings on the product of your choice. You can clean the rest of the couch at the same time by adding more of the cleaning product to the leather sofa.

Things You'll Need

  • Leather cleaner
  • Soft material cloth
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