How to hook up a DVD player to a computer monitor

Updated February 21, 2017

A computer monitor can work like TV monitor if you want to connect a DVD player to it. This is especially true of newer monitors, which use the same liquid crystal display (LCD) as HDTVs and can have the available input A/V ports that DVD players use. An older monitor might not have those connections, but you can still use it with your DVD player with the help of a TV tuner device.

Compare the input ports on the computer monitor with the output ports on the DVD player. Look for S-Video or RCA composite plugs on the monitor, as all DVD players will have these.

Get a computer TV tuner box that will connect to your monitor's input port, which is likely the standard VGA connection used on most computers. It could also be a DVI connection, so check with the vendor for the right connection to your monitor. Connect this device to the monitor.

Connect your DVD player to TV tuner box. Use a component connection (which has the red, green and blue plugs) if possible, as it will give the best quality (unless the tuner has HDMI available). S-Video (the circular, five-pin connector) is the next best connection, followed by RCA composite (yellow, white and red plugs).

Attach a set of speakers using RCA audio cables (red and white plugs only) to play the DVD's sound. Look for the tuner's audio output ports and connect them to the speakers. If the tuner has no audio output, or if you used component cables, connect the DVD player directly to the speakers.

Turn on the monitor and insert a DVD into the player, making sure the speakers are plugged in as well. Play the DVD and it will appear on the monitor with the audio from the speakers.

Things You'll Need

  • DVD player
  • Computer monitor
  • TV tuner
  • Video cable
  • RCA cable
  • Speakers
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