How to Adjust the Speakers on a Panasonic TV

Updated February 21, 2017

Panasonic has been around for many years and their televisions have evolved to incorporate improved technology. Older Panasonics had very simple speakers controlled more or less completely by the volume button. New TVs have much more elaborate options, allowing you to tailor the speakers to fit your particular tastes. Specifics depend on the exact model of Panasonic, but a few general guidelines work for all of their TVs and can be used to properly adjust the speakers.

Turn on your Panasonic TV and push the "Menu" button on the remote. A list of options will appear onscreen. Scroll down to "Audio" and click it. The option may have the picture of a musical note next to it to identify it more easily.

Select the "Bass," "Treble" or "Balance" options and move them up or down using the right and left arrows on your remote. The bass control affects the rumble on the lower end of the sound scale. The treble control affects the prevalence of sounds on the higher end of the scale. The balance control lets you emphasise either the right or left speaker to varying degrees, which you may want to do if your Panasonic TV is in an awkward or unbalanced part of the room.

Check the "Other Adjust" options below the bass, treble and balance controls. These settings allow you to shut off the speakers if you are using external speakers, to play sound in either analogue or digital depending on the particular signal, to enhance the capacities of surround sound, and to level off sound from multiple sources. Not every Panasonic TV offers all of these options, but they can be adjusted with the left and right arrows on your remote until they are at the exact levels you prefer.

Find the "Normal" button at the top of the audio options. This acts like a giant reset button in case you've become tangled in the possibilities and want to start again from scratch. When you push it, it adjusts all the settings to a factory standard, which should work just fine in an average viewing environment. If the settings are different from that standard, the "Normal" setting should read "Off." As with the other controls, you can change it by using the left and left arrows on the remote.

Scroll up to the large return arrow at the top of the "Menu" window when you are done making changes. It will return you to the previous screen. If you're completely done, press the "Exit" button on the remote to eliminate the window.


Because Panasonic makes such a wide range of TVs, yours may have additional options for adjusting the sound. Consult your owner's manual to see what they may be.

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