How to Trim a Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature schnauzers are the most sought after of all schnauzer breeds, according to the American Kennel Club. Full grown, the AKC-registered dogs are the same height and length, contributing to a stocky, square appearance. They have a strong wiry overcoat and a short, soft undercoat. Trimming the coat adds to the dog's square look, with straight cuts on the beard, eyebrows and outer coat. The dog's outer coat needs constant brushing when left long. Owners often trim or even strip the outer coat unless the dog is competing. Stripping involves plucking the outer coat hairs a few at a time.

Wash the dog with the shampoo of your choice. Blow the dog's coat dry. Brush the dog's coat to remove any tangles.

Secure the dog on a grooming table.

Grind the dog's nails to both shorten and round the edges. This prevents the dog from scratching you during the grooming process.

Clip the coat short on the neck with the hair clippers. Run the clippers in the direction the hair grows. Clip the hair short along the dog's back and sides. Stop trimming two fingers above the dog's elbow. Turn the clippers and blend the cut hair into the dog's longer hair of the belly. Use thinning shears to clip the hair along the blend line.

Trim the ears close and run the clippers between the eyes. However, leave the beard and eyebrows longer.

Comb the eyebrows and trim the hair with scissors. Cut the eyebrows in a diagonal line from the nose toward the side of the head.

Comb the beard. Cut the hair in a straight line, giving the schnauzer's head a rectangular look.

Trim the hair from between the toe pads of each foot. Trim the legs with the clipper to give each leg a round appearance.

Trim the hair short on the dog's tail. Turn the clipper and clip the hair from around its rear end. Follow the line to trim under the dogs belly to its navel. This prevents the dog from soiling its coat.


Talk to your dog in a calm, soothing voice while grooming. This makes it a pleasant experience for the animal.


Use caution when grinding the dogs nails. Grinding the nails too short will reach the quick of the nail, causing the dog pain.

Things You'll Need

  • Dog shampoo
  • Blow dryer
  • Dog brush
  • Grooming table
  • Rotary nail grinder
  • Hair clippers with a No. 10 blade
  • Thinning shears
  • Comb
  • Scissors
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