How to Wear a Tiara

Written by ehow contributor | 13/05/2017
How to Wear a Tiara
Wear a Tiara

Many women dream of wearing a tiara when they are little girls. But unless you are a princess, a beauty pageant winner or are getting married, you do not get a chance to wear one. Here are the basic ins and outs to wearing a tiara if you are lucky enough to find an occasion to wear one.

Choose a tiara that suits your face and the outfit you will be wearing with it.

Tiaras should draw attention to your face by framing it.

Wear your hair down and place the veil right behind the tiara.

Attach the veil with a comb if you are wearing a veil.

Style hair into a bun on top of your head.

Put the tiara on the front of the bun with the veil in the back.

Choose a tiara with some height or one that has a peak if you have a round face. Your face will appear thinner if you choose a tiara with a V at the top.

Pick a tiara with little or no height for a longer face. It should extend from one side to the other at an even distance.

Avoid a tiara with a peak if you have an oval face.

Try wearing a headband or back piece to make your face rounder.

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