How to Use Speed Dial on an iPhone

Updated March 23, 2017

The Apple iPhone is a revolutionary piece of technology. It seems as though the phone can do just about anything and everything. Unfortunately, the one application that the iPhone seems to be missing is the capability of using speed dial to make your phone calls. Thanks to some clever computer geniuses out there, you can now easily add any phone number to your iPhone home screen. This makes speed dialling a reality.

Press the Safari button on your iPhone. This will open up your web browser.

Press the URL bar once your web browser opens and type in the area code and telephone phone number and If you were to use the Apple customer service phone number (1-800-692-7753), it would look this:

Press cancel when you are given the option to either cancel or call the number you entered.

Press the + (plus) sign at the bottom of the screen when you receive the "add this page as a WebClip to add a speed dial entry to your iPhone Home Screen" pop-up window.

Press the "Add to Home Screen" button.

Name the telephone number (for example Apple) and press add. An icon of a telephone with the name you chose underneath it will appear on the home screen of your iPhone.

Press the icon to make the call.


You do not need to add dashes to your phone number. You can create pages of speed dial telephone numbers. You can re-create this hack on your own server.


The telephone numbers that you choose to set on speed dial will be stored on Nate True's (the inventor of the hack) server.

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