How to Use Military Boot Blousers

Updated April 17, 2017

Military boot blousers come in three styles: 2-inch straps, twisted bands or ribbon drawstrings sewn into the bottom of military trousers. It is important to choose the best blousing technique for your activities. The 2-inch strap creates a seal to help prevent ticks and chiggers but does not breathe; the bands can cause poor circulation and hold water if submerged; while tying the ribbons allows airflow and water drain but no insect barrier.

Remove your boot to put on the 2-inch elastic strap blousers, which have hook-and-loop (Velcro) fasteners and are used to hold the bottom of the military trousers inside the top of the boot.

Fold both sides of your military trousers back and secure by wrapping the 2-inch-wide strap around your leg. The strap should be fastened where the boot top will cover it completely.

Place your boot on your foot and lace snugly, but not so tight as to cause discomfort. Blouse your secured trousers over the top of your boot.

Pull your military pant leg up over your calf to use the twisted-band blousing rubbers, which have wire-hook fasteners and can be applied without removing your boot.

Pull your sock up and wrap the twisted-band blousing rubber around your leg above the top of your boot, then secure the wire hooks.

Allow your pant leg to hang over the blousing rubber and then, while turning the pant leg up and in, push several inches of trousers material under the rubber band to form the bloused appearance.

Tie the ribbon drawstring blousers that are sewn into the bottom of the trousers and secured with a simple knot to get the bloused effect. These are best tightened while wearing your boot to ensure the proper height.

Draw the ribbon ends, using a left-over-right half hitch, tight enough to keep the trousers from sliding over the boot top, but not so tight as to be uncomfortable.

Finish your knot by adding a right-over-left half hitch to form a square knot, or simply add a bow, and then push the ribbon ends up under the bloused pant leg.


If your trousers are too long you will not want to use the ribbon drawstring method because the bloused pant will come too far down the boot.


If you will be entering deep water, it is best to unblouse or loosen trousers, because trapped water can add weight and lead to drowning.

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