How to make chicken and rice dog food

Updated April 17, 2017

Chicken and rice is a popular combination for dog food because it is high in protein and low in fat. According to the Partnership for Animal Welfare, excessive animal-based fats in a dog's diet can lead to digestive disorders and even pancreatitis. Use boneless, skinless chicken breasts, brown rice and green beans for a healthy alternative to store-bought dog food. Commercial dog foods contain by-products and chemicals that are often devoid of the nutrients dogs need to thrive.

Boil chicken breasts in water until cooked and no longer pink.

Remove the chicken from the pot and reserve the chicken broth.

Chop the chicken into small pieces or process in a food processor for a finer texture.

Boil the green beans in the chicken broth until heated through.

Combine all ingredients together in a large bowl with the olive oil and stir until blended. Add some of the chicken broth for a softer texture.

Let cool and serve to your dog.


Homemade dog food will last up to three days when stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Discard or freeze any unused portions. If you freeze the chicken-and-rice dog food, separate daily portions out into freezer bags so that you can defrost a bag of food each day. Senior dogs or dogs with teeth problems will benefit from having the chicken and rice pureed in a food processor. When you make changes to your dog's diet, mix a little of the old food in with the new over a couple of days so that the change is gradual.


If your dog suffers from colitis or other digestive disorders, consider feeding her basmati rice rather than brown rice because it is more easily digested. Always consult with your veterinarian concerning dietary changes, particularly if your dog has allergies. Learn about the different foods that are toxic for dogs so that you can avoid them when making homemade dog food.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 chicken breasts
  • 190 g (1 cup) brown rice, cooked
  • 250 g (1 cup) frozen green beans
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
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