How To Make Toys for Hamsters

Hamsters are entertaining little pets to watch and interact with. If you have hamsters, no doubt you have spent time and perhaps even money trying to keep them busy in their cages. While there are many hamster toys available to purchase from pet stores, there are also several toys you can make from simple items you probably have laying around your home. Learn how to make toys for hamsters, save some money, and enjoy watching your hamsters play with the neat toys you can make.

Place simple cardboard tubes into the bottom of the hamster cage. If you have paper towel tubes, you might cut them in half to make two shorter tubes. Hamsters have an instinct to hide in small spaces and these tubes create the perfect spot for them to crawl into and hide. Go ahead and just leave the tubes in their cages and watch to see what they do. If you have several tubes, create a maze by fitting the tubes together into different shapes and allowing your hamster to explore the new fun maze in its cage.

Make a play box for your hamster out of an empty tissue box. Remove any plastic that surrounds the hole in the tissue box and place the box in the hamster cage on its side so that the hole is accessible by the hamster. Watch to see how the hamster explores its new box. Incorporate the play box and the cardboard tubes to make an even fancier maze.

Create a fun swing for your hamster using a toilet paper tube. Poke one hole in each end of the tube with the pointed end of the scissors. Make the holes so that they are lined up with each other across the length of the tube. Cut a length of twine that is approximately 12 inches long. Insert each end of the twine into the holes you made in the cardboard tube and tie knots so that the twine will hold the tube. Position the tube so that it comes almost to the floor of the cage and pull the twine up and out of the cage. Secure the twine outside of the cage by either looping it over something or if nothing is available for this you could place a stick through the twine to hold it and let the stick rest on the outside of the cage to hold the swing up.


Supervise your hamster carefully while it is playing with your homemade toys.

Things You'll Need

  • Cardboard tubes (toilet paper or paper towels)
  • Scissors
  • Empty tissue box (square-shaped box with hole in top)
  • Twine
  • Tape measure
  • Short stick
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