How to convert tablespoons of butter into grams

Updated May 10, 2017

When you get started cooking or baking, and look at your recipes only to find that they are in measurements you aren't familiar with, it can become frustrating. Butter is one of those ingredients that are measured in different ways. Some recipes call for grams and others for tablespoons or cups. It is easy to convert these measurements if you break it down and take it step by step.

Consider that one cup of butter is equal to about 225 grams. One cup of butter is the same as two sticks.

Divide that in half and you will be left with one stick or half a cup of butter, which equals about 113 grams.

Consider that one stick of butter (113 grams) contains eight tablespoons.

Divide 113 grams by eight.

Determine that each tablespoon of butter is equal to about 14 grams.


Most wrappers for a stick of butter clearly mark the eight tablespoons in a stick. Use this as your guide to get exactly the number of tablespoons or amount of grams you need.


Keep in mind that this conversion is based on the standard stick of butter in the United States. Butter is sometimes packaged differently in other countries.

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