How to make a clay pot lighthouse

Clay plant pots are easy to paint and decorate, and you can use them to make a clay pot lighthouse for use as an interesting decorative item in your home or garden. This is an inexpensive craft project that you could also make as a gift. Choose different clay pot and saucer sizes to make wither a small or a large lighthouse.

Wipe the clay pots well to remove any manufacturing residue.

Turn the largest clay pot upside down on your work surface. Squeeze adhesive onto the "top" outer edge of the pot.

Place the mid-sized clay pot down onto the adhesive. Make sure the pot is evenly balanced.

Add adhesive to the outer rim of the "top" of the clay pot.

Place the largest saucer on top of the second clay pot. Add adhesive to the saucer top, leaving the rim clear. Put adhesive on the small clay pot's outer rim. Place the pot on the saucer.

Let the clay pots and saucers dry overnight.

Paint the clay pots and the first saucer with a coat of white gloss.

Paint the roof or top saucer black. You could also choose to paint the roof a brass colour, or perhaps red or green.

Follow manufacturer's directions and put the clay pot lighthouse aside until dry. Some paints require a 24 hour drying time between coats.

Paint a second coat of paint on the lighthouse.

Measure and draw a rectangular or round window half way up the lighthouse tower. Paint the window black.

Sketch in main windows at the top of the lighthouse with a pencil. Use a ruler to keep them evenly spaced.

Paint the main windows at the top of the tower under the black roof. The windows can have a yellow light for nighttime or light blue highlighting for daytime.


Decorate by painting vines and flowers on the bottom of the lighthouse.

Sponge paint shadowing on the lighthouse with light grey or blue.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 Clay saucers (small and medium size)
  • 3 Clay pots (small, medium and large size)
  • Adhesive for ceramics
  • White and black acrylic gloss enamel
  • Blue or yellow paint
  • Paintbrush
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