How to bind a carpet remnant

Updated July 20, 2017

If you have a carpet remnant with an unfinished edge, you may want to finish the edge--better known as binding the edge. This binding will make the carpet finished on the edges and nicer looking then a straight cut away edge on your carpet remnant. You will have a finished product that looks like an area rug edging that not frayed, but rather rounded on the edge. Keep in mind that binding a carpet remnant yourself can take weeks, depending on the time you are devoting. Following the proper steps will ensure a proper binding on the carpet remnant edge.

Prepare your carpet needle. First, wear your thimble for protection. Next, thread the jute into the needle.

Cut the cotton binding about 2 inches longer then what is needed to cover the edge of the carpet

Fold the binding over the edge of the carpet evenly.

Sew the binding on the carpet remnant by starting on one end. Start the thread by creating a knot to hold it in place on the end, or leave enough of it loose to sew it into the next stitch, just like standard sewing procedures.

Push your needle through the carpet from behind.

Wrap around the edge and push back up through the backing next to the previous threading. Make sure to use cross stitches all the way down the edge. Finish the stitch at the end by sewing a knot by putting your needle and thread through the last loop to create the knot. When approaching a corner, stop at the corner and finish off the stitch, then start on the next side. This will create a squared look. If you want a rounded look, you could continue on around the corner to make it round edged.

Continue Steps 3 and 4 all the way down the carpet remnant until it is finished to have an edge binding.


Use Instabind (see Resources) if you do not want to sew the binding on. This binding is ready made and adhesive.

Things You'll Need

  • Carpet needle
  • Jute or regular thread depending on the look desired
  • Thimble
  • Cotton binding
  • -OR-
  • Instabind
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