How to Make Jewelry With Guitar Strings

Updated April 17, 2017

Go green. Combine the love of music and fashion by handicrafting jewellery from discarded, recycled guitar strings. Add music charms or guitar picks. For a heavy-rocker look, opt for bass guitar strings. Show off the raw metal. Complement it with sterling silver or bronze. Use steel guitar strings, which lend a more textured, snake-like coil. Create earrings with acoustic strings. Twist, braid or solder the strings. Create a unique piece of rock-and-roll jewellery.

Cut a recycled guitar string with wire cutters to two lengths of 9 inches. Position the two cut guitar strings close together. Push both strings through an e-bead. Add the jump ring of the toggle clasp. Press guitar strings back through the e-bead so that they are taut and secure.

Slide a crimp bead through both guitar strings. Place the crimp bead against the e-bead. Gently squeeze the crimp bead with crimping pliers until creased. Do not compress it excessively or it will break.

Twist the two guitar strings around one another. Start directly after the crimp bead. At the 1-inch mark, place another crimp bead onto the guitar string. Crimp the bead with the crimping pliers. String an e-bead at 1 inch. Push on another crimp bead. Secure crimp bead using the crimping pliers.

Continue along the guitar strings. Twist the two strings to the 1-inch mark. Then add a crimp bead, e-bead or spacer of your choice and another crimp bead. Always crimp the crimp bead to secure the middle bead. Keep going until you have used all but one of the e-beads.

Measure the bracelet to 7 inches for an average wrist or up to 8 inches for a larger wrist. Add the last e-bead. Next, add the other part of the toggle. Push the two guitar strings back through the e-bead until tightened.

Cut two pieces of the coiled guitar wire to desired length for a pair of hanging earrings. Take one of the guitar strings and tightly wrap it around the toothpick to make a spring form. Keep the string taut, as guitar string is flexible. Also, keep the coils uniform.

Take one guitar string and slip the end through the hole of one French wire earring finding. Keep it looped over. From the bottom on the guitar string, carefully push an e-bead up toward the top. Be careful that the guitar string doesn't lose its shape. Grasp the end of the looped top guitar string. Push it through the e-bead until secure. Repeat this step for the last French wire earring finding.

Add additional beads if desired. Let some of the guitar string show. End with a crimp bead to keep other beads in place. Press the last crimp bead with crimping wires. Earrings are complete!


Go to the local guitar store and ask for recycled guitar strings. Ask musician friends to save broken guitar strings. Experiment with the guitar strings until comfortable. Complement and contrast guitar string metals for a varied look.

Things You'll Need

  • 3 recycled guitar strings, acoustic, bass, steel or Spanish
  • Toothpick
  • 14 silver crimp beads, size no. 2
  • 11 e-beads or spacers, Bali silver or sterling silver
  • 1 toggle clasp
  • 2 French wire earring findings, sterling silver
  • Wire cutters
  • Crimping pliers
  • Measuring tape
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