How to Attach Suspenders

Updated March 23, 2017

Men's suspenders come in two varieties: clipped and buttoned. Clipped suspenders work on all sorts of trousers; buttoned suspenders work only on dress slacks with special suspender buttons on the waistband.

Open the clip on the back suspender strap by flipping the closed clip open with a fingernail, or by grasping with the fingers.

Center the open clip over the centre of the rear waistband of a pair of trousers. Press down on the clip to shut it securely.

Put on the trousers. Reach behind and bring the two straps over the shoulders. If the clips don't reach the waistband, use the metal sliders to adjust the band length.

Open the front clips, position the first clip about halfway between the zipper on the trousers and the edge of the body, and snap it shut.

Attach the remaining clip on the other side in the same manner. Adjust the suspenders for fit.

Lay the suspenders face down over the inner waistband of a pair of slacks.

Fasten the suspender button loops over the inner suspender buttons. Put on the trousers, leaving the fly open.

Bring the front straps over the shoulders. If the suspender button loops don't reach the waistband, adjust the length with the metal sliders.

Loop the suspender buttonholes over the buttons on each side of the trousers.

Close the fly and do a final adjustment for length.


Don't wear suspenders with a belt. The suspenders take the place of a belt and look best with trousers that have no belt loops.

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